In total, we produced 903.33 Ibs of CO2. You’ll see that our biggest source of carbon emissions was gasoline for the vehicles and equipment producing 720 Ibs of CO2 emissions. Our Office operations produced 183.33 Ibs of CO2.

We mainly offset that amount by planting 241 trees, with an organization called One Tree. Bringing us to a NET CO2 emission of -2.1 Ibs for March.

See the entire break down and how we got to carbon neutral here: March Monthly Carbon (CO2) Report.

A few things I’m excited about:

This month we purchased Electric Equipment from GreenWorks Pro. Including, a push mower, weed trimmer, blower, and edger. In the future, this should lower our gasoline CO2 emissions because it will reduce our gasoline consumption.

I’m looking forward to actually testing this new equipment on some lawns in April. The equipment is also quieter to operate which means less disruption when servicing our customer’s lawn. This is also good for employee safety, drastically reducing the environmental hazards that can contribute to hearing loss over time.

Happy Spring! And thanks for helping us make the world a greener place one yard at a time.

-Mike Krzesowiak