This month we increased our participation in Xcel Energy’s WindSource Program again from 1,000 kWh to full usage. Which means that all of the power in our building is now powered by the wind. This allowed us to save 1,340 Ibs of CO2 emissions, up from 670 Ibs saved in April.


In total, we produced 933.7 Ibs of CO2. You’ll see that our biggest source of carbon emissions was gasoline for the vehicles and equipment producing 819.8 Ibs of CO2 emissions this month. Our Office operations produced 114 Ibs of CO2.

We’ve mainly offset that amount by participating in Xcel Energy’s Windscource and by planting trees, with a 501(c)3 organization called One Tree. Bringing us to a NET CO2 emission of -1,244.16 Ibs for May.

Our net CO2 emission Year to Date is -1,248.26 Ibs.

See the entire break down and how we got to carbon neutral here: May Monthly Carbon (CO2) Report.

Thanks for helping us make the world a greener place, one yard at a time.

-Mike Krzesowiak